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Re: Debian v2.1 ("Slink") Deep Freeze

> >                    Debian v2.1 ("Slink") Deep Freeze
> >
> > After considerable delay, Slink is almost ready for release.  As such, it
> > will go into the "deep freeze" on Wednesday, January 20th.
> Brian, will you please consider to do a ftp.debian.org bug hunting *before*
> doing any deep freeze?

The ftp maintainers will have to take care of that.  I'm not sure if Guy
shares the ftpmaster@debian.org mail with his helpers.  They're pretty
good about getting things done usually.

> Some bugs reported two months ago have not been fixed yet. This means that
> either:
> * They are difficult to fix (unlikely).
> * There are not enough ftp.debian.org maintainers (I don't know).
> * The release manager does not care about ftp.debian.org bugs (I hope not).
> * Some other reason (Which one?).
> Could somebody explain me, why, oh why, do we have to wait more than two
> months for trivial ftp.debian.org bugs to be fixed?

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