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Re: Mini Debian Conf/Camp somewhen Feb/Mar 2023?

Hi Didier,

Didier Raboud wrote:
> > IMHO currently the only sane choice for such an event is a time where
> > we can do most of the event outside, i.e. in summer.
> That's a fair point. [0] But...
> If _I_ am to (co-)organize a summer'ish event, it would be in Vaumarcus again: 
> we know the people, the network, the bus route, etc. It's super-low work to 
> organize (copy 2019, repeat).

Fine for me. :-)

> But I want to try a different season, and a different location


> (but not alone).

Understandable. But I (and probably many others) surely won't attend
then, at least not the upcoming winter (unless some miracle happens).
And I would have remorses if I would (actively) help organising such
an event.

> And I think it can be attracting some Debian contributors / sprints.

But that's probably more difficult in the cold season for the above
mentioned reasons.

> [0] I understand the COVID concerns, and acknowledge that a mostly indoors' 
> event excludes some potential attendees.

That wasn't really my argument, but is indeed an argument with regards
to the feasibility and getting enough participants. My conerns are
primarily that the chance for becoming a COVID-19 hotspot is much
higher if an event is indoors — a risk I don't want to take.

		Regards, Axel
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