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Re: Mini Debian Conf/Camp somewhen Feb/Mar 2023?

Didier 'OdyX' Raboud wrote...

> Dear Debianites from all corners on Switzerland,

Well, a bit outside. If that's a problem, kick me off the list :=)

> And with regards to period and region, I was thinking of opting for a
> snowy theme (AlpsCamp ?). What about tHe week after FOSDEM, and what
> about Bernese Alps, or even eastern of that?

My concern about winter times is it's getting dark fairly early.
Although we spend all day behind a computer (your face proves that,
doesn't it?), it's still nice to have some daylight around dinner time.

And of course, there's the pandemic. Still I'd rather plan for some
Debian activities and be prepared to cancel them if the "legal situation
forbids or common sense advises aginst doing such an event". It helps
looking forward.

> And final question? Who would be up to help?

For the things where distance isn't a problem ...


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