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Mini Debian Conf/Camp somewhen Feb/Mar 2023?

Dear Debianites from all corners on Switzerland,

Best cheers form Prizren, Kosovo where the fantastic DebConf ambiance is nudging me to get a team together to organize a sort of miniDebConf early next year.

So. Experiences from Hamburg's seem to point to a sweet spot mix with 3-4 days hacking/sprint and 1-2 days talks.

With inspiration from past Sun- and SnowCamps, I was envisioning something along the lines of "get an venue with accomodation, network and small catering (coffee, snacks)" that Debian(.ch) pays fully. Then, depending on the budget (and perhaps registration costs), we can lean towards including food (2 or 3 meals per day), travel sponsoring, (eco-responsible) swag, speakers invites, etc.

And with regards to period and region, I was thinking of opting for a snowy theme (AlpsCamp ?). What about tHe week after FOSDEM, and what about Bernese Alps, or even eastern of that?

And final question? Who would be up to help?

Best, and looking forward to meeting again!

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