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Re: Mini Debian Conf/Camp somewhen Feb/Mar 2023?

Le vendredi, 22 juillet 2022, 01.46:19 h CEST Axel Beckert a écrit :
> Didier 'OdyX' Raboud wrote:
> > And with regards to period and region, I was thinking of opting for
> > a snowy theme (AlpsCamp ?). What about tHe week after FOSDEM, and
> > what about Bernese Alps, or even eastern of that?
> I think that's currently a bad choice for a date — given that we very
> likely will have a quite pandemic-ish winter, now that even the summer
> had its own wave. But the location ideas sound nice to me.
> IMHO currently the only sane choice for such an event is a time where
> we can do most of the event outside, i.e. in summer.

That's a fair point. [0] But...

If _I_ am to (co-)organize a summer'ish event, it would be in Vaumarcus again: 
we know the people, the network, the bus route, etc. It's super-low work to 
organize (copy 2019, repeat).

But I want to try a different season, and a different location (but not alone). 
And I think it can be attracting some Debian contributors / sprints.

(And not much is in the way of making two such events in a year; or alternate 
between summer/outdoor edition and winter/indoors edition every year).

I'd welcome more input here :-)

[0] I understand the COVID concerns, and acknowledge that a mostly indoors' 
event excludes some potential attendees.

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