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Re: debian.ch AGM - 2015-01-30 -> 2015-02-01 ?

Didier 'OdyX' Raboud <odyx@debian.org> writes:
>> To maintain the highest level of confidence in this system it is
>> probably important to have strong attendance by local DDs at any
>> formal meeting such as the AGM so if enough people say they can come
>> then maybe it can be formally announced as the AGM date, before the
>> notice deadline and if not it can just be a BSP.
> I've put some thoughts to it, and I now tend to agree: iff the planned 
> attendance to the debian.ch AGM is too low (saturday end-of-day, 31 
> January), we should be finding another time-space. Decoupling the AGM 
> from the BSP doesn't endanger much the BSP IMHO (and I'll be going 
> anyway :-) ).
> What do others think?

I agree that we should find a date for the AGM where at least the "usual
supects" can attend. I guess having an informal poll about this is the
best way to proceed. Organizing the AGM is not that much work. So having
it on another date is fine for me. Any volunteers to organize the AGM?


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