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Re: debian.ch AGM and possible BSP - 2015-01-30 -> 2015-02-01

Hi Daniel,

Le mardi, 2 décembre 2014, 20.34:24 Daniel Pocock a écrit :
> The event definitely looks interesting, but it also appears to clash
> with FOSDEM[1] dates.  Are many people going to FOSDEM this time and
> will it have any impact on achieving a quorum at the AGM?

It does indeed clash, and that's certainly unfortunate. That said, it's 
too late to change the date (of the week-end I mean, not of FOSDEM). 
Also, neither swiss law or our articles of association impose a quorum, 
and the AGM can validly take place given two weeks of advance notice per 
email to all members.

I'll proceed to announce the BSP to a wider audience, let's see how many 
people we can gather there!


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