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Re: debian.ch AGM and possible BSP - 2015-01-30 -> 2015-02-01

On 02/12/14 19:46, Gaudenz Steinlin wrote:
> Didier 'OdyX' Raboud <odyx@debian.org> writes:
>> Dear debian.ch community,
>> November 5th has passed and Jessie is now deep in its final preparation 
>> phase. We should help getting Jessie out with a coordinated BSP!
>> As we're also approaching the end of this year, now is again the time to 
>> try find a date for the debian.ch Annual General Meeting.
>> Swisslinux.org, a FLOSS group from Romandie, is organizing what they've 
>> so far called the "Rencontres Hivernales du Libre" (FLOSS Winter Meetup) 
>> [0], planned to take place over the whole last week-end of January:
>> 	from Friday January 30. ~ 16h
>> 	to   Sunday February 1. ~ 18h
>> in St-Cergue, in the Jura Alps, in the region of Nyon, between Geneva 
>> and Lausanne. The point of this meetup is to provide an time-space for 
>> various FLOSS groups in order emulate innovation and generate 
>> collaboration.
>> I'm hereby proposing to combine a BSP and the debian.ch AGM by embracing 
>> the nice framework proposed by Swisslinux.org:
>> * the BSP would take place over the whole week-end, with people joining
>>   and leaving as they can;
>> * the debian.ch AGM would take place at a convenient moment, for example
>>   16h on the Saturday evening, to allow for the meeting to take place as
>>   well as allowing enough time for the traditional fondue following it.
>> I've started to write down some of the organizational data for the BSP 
>> on the Debian wiki:
>> 	https://wiki.debian.org/BSP/2015/01/ch/St-Cergue
>> Before announcing this at a wider level (debian-events-eu, -project, -
>> devel, etc), what's our take on this idea?
> Thanks for proposing this. I think it's a nice idea. IMO you should go
>  forward with this and announce it on a wider level.
>  I plan to be present at the AGM/BSP.

The event definitely looks interesting, but it also appears to clash
with FOSDEM[1] dates.  Are many people going to FOSDEM this time and
will it have any impact on achieving a quorum at the AGM?

1. https://fosdem.org/2015/

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