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XMPP via IRC: BitlBee or Irssi-XMPP?

Hi there!

Since a while I setup my own XMPP server and I would now like to use it
through IRC.  Given that I would like to be as much as I can
client-agnostic (so I can change client at any time), the first solution
that came to my mind is BiblBee.

I already have an account on testing.bitblee.org (configured with the
old FSFE XMPP server), but for security reasons I was thinking of moving
to my own BibtBee installation.  This means adding yet another daemon,
which got me thinking, together with the following advice:




  Some people maintain BitlBee packages for other systems.  They're not
  maintained by us, so they might be out of date.  Here are links to the
  ones we know:

  * Many Linux distributions (including Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, SuSE)
    have BitlBee packages already. Just use apt-get, yum, yast, pacman,
    emerge or whatever it is on your distro of choice.

  * If you're running Debian Stable, you're probably stuck with a pretty
    old version of BitlBee.  You may find a backport on BackPorts.Org,
    but the nightly builds repo is likely better.  Nightly builds are
    usually very stable, experimental stuff is kept in separate

Indeed, upstream version is at 3.2, while Debian at 1.2.8-1 in squeeze
and 3.0.5-1.2 in wheezy (the server runs squeeze plus backports).

I then started looking at using Irssi to directly connect to XMPP,
mainly because I am already running an Irssi proxy (and lately I have
more and more found myself connecting via SSH to the server instead of
using the proxy via an IRC client).  While this solution means that I
will lose my willingness to be client-agnostic, it has at least two
advantages: first, it does not require a new daemon and, second, it is
integrates with Irssi at the command level (i.e. it uses "standard" IRC
commands like /AWAY and so on and not "in-room" commands like BitlBee).
Moreover, despite myself having other IM accounts (at least ICQ), I
stopped using them with the intent of migrating everything to XMPP.

I know that at least Axel uses BitlBee, so I am writing here to gather
feedbacks and precious advices: have I missed something?  Does anyone
know any comparison between the two approaches?  Any other comments?

Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca

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