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Call for AGM organizer

Hi all

It's the time of the year again where the debian.ch association holds
it's annual meeting (AGM). I as the secretary am responsible for
organizing the formal part of this. In the last years we combined the
AGM with a fondue dinner. If you think (like me) that it's worth to keep
this tradition someone needs to step up as an organizer for this.

What needs to be done:
- Finding a location to host the AGM and where we can prepare and eat
  the fondue.
- Find a suitable date and time for the AGM.
- Organize the fondue (AGM participants can help with this).

The fondue was paid by debian.ch in the past. A small budget is
available. If you need some money to rent a room, talk to
board@debian.ch and we will see what can be done.

I'll organize the formal part of the AGM (invitaion, agenda, ...). The
organizer does not have to take care of this.

Anyone on this list willing to organize the social part of the annual


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