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Re: de-Swisscomifying the Piccolo

Just an update... I've now found the undocumented and slightly
convoluted way to turn a Piccolo into a bridge/modem for use with
OpenWRT or a Debian server:


On 15/02/13 09:57, Daniel Pocock wrote:
> We moved to a new flat this week and took the opportunity to change our
> ISP at the same time, now using one of the debian.ch sponsors, Init7
> I found that the Swisscom Piccolo router has a broken firmware that
> hides many options that should be in the web GUI, e.g. the PPPoE
> settings, but these are still accessible through an undocumented telnet
> interface
> Has anybody else had experience configuring this device to work with
> other providers or turning it into a bridge to run PPPoE from a Debian
> box (or from an OpenWRT-based wifi router)?  Has anybody ever tried to
> reflash one of these with a firmware image from another ISP?
> I already have a working config which I will share on my blog, but for
> some reason, it loses two of the settings on every reboot, and I would
> like to try and document a complete solution.
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