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Re: XMPP via IRC: BitlBee or Irssi-XMPP?

Hi Luca,

Luca Capello wrote:
>   * If you're running Debian Stable, you're probably stuck with a pretty
>     old version of BitlBee.  You may find a backport on BackPorts.Org,
>     but the nightly builds repo is likely better.  Nightly builds are
>     usually very stable, experimental stuff is kept in separate
>     branches.

Wouldn't work for me. I ran an 1.x Bitlbee on Sid for quite a long
time (IIRC months) after 3.x was available, because I saw no reason to
restart the daemon and re-login. So updating once a night would be a
waste of resources in my case. :-)

BTW, Bitlbee 2.x never existed because the author of minbif was
audacious enough to initially name his fork "Bitlbee 2". So Bitlbee
"3.x" is not as far from "1.x" as it looks at a first glance.

IIRC the main reason for me to finally switch to 3.x was the Twitter
and Identica support.

> I then started looking at using Irssi to directly connect to XMPP,
> mainly because I am already running an Irssi proxy (and lately I have
> more and more found myself connecting via SSH to the server instead of
> using the proxy via an IRC client).  While this solution means that I
> will lose my willingness to be client-agnostic, it has at least two
> advantages: first, it does not require a new daemon and, second, it is
> integrates with Irssi at the command level (i.e. it uses "standard" IRC
> commands like /AWAY and so on and not "in-room" commands like
> BitlBee).

While you are right with regards to "in-room commands", you picked the
wrong example. :-) /away works also affects all IM accounts to which
you are connected via Bitlbee. The only difference is that you just
have one type of being "away", not multiple as with most IM systems.

>From my experience you need those "in-room commands" only seldom. And
you can also send them by "/msg root" which is sometimes more
convenient, espeically in Jabber chat rooms.

> Moreover, despite myself having other IM accounts (at least ICQ), I
> stopped using them with the intent of migrating everything to XMPP.

Same here, just with more "by accident" and less "intent". :-)

> I know that at least Axel uses BitlBee,

For years now. And I'm quite happy with it.

Also nice with Bitlbee is that the upstream author and the Debian
package maintainer are the same person (a DD btw.) and that there is
the very friendly #bitlbee IRC channel on OFTC.

		Regards, Axel
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