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de-Swisscomifying the Piccolo

We moved to a new flat this week and took the opportunity to change our
ISP at the same time, now using one of the debian.ch sponsors, Init7

I found that the Swisscom Piccolo router has a broken firmware that
hides many options that should be in the web GUI, e.g. the PPPoE
settings, but these are still accessible through an undocumented telnet

Has anybody else had experience configuring this device to work with
other providers or turning it into a bridge to run PPPoE from a Debian
box (or from an OpenWRT-based wifi router)?  Has anybody ever tried to
reflash one of these with a firmware image from another ISP?

I already have a working config which I will share on my blog, but for
some reason, it loses two of the settings on every reboot, and I would
like to try and document a complete solution.

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