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Re: [Debconf13-ch] Visit to the bunkers in Genève and LocationCheckList

Hi all.

Yesterday morning, Michele and myself visited two different bunkers in
Genève, together with people from Genève Tourisme (Bcc:ed).

However, for various reasons (renovation, working going on, etc.), we
could not visit the two bunkers that were included in the proposition we
discussed at the last meeting: instead of visiting Vollandes and
Champel, we visited Richemont and Pâquis.  This is not really a problem,
because the two bunkers we visited are practically the same and we were
assured that the others as well.


The bunkers do not actually look like bunkers: they are warmed, floors
are covered by tiles and the one in Pâquis also has GSM coverage (no
wired or Wi-Fi networks yet, though).  Still, they are underground and
they have no windows.  Pillows and sleeping sheets (including a cover)
will be provided, so there is no need for sleeping bags.

If bunkers are an option, I would like to re-add Zurich as possible location. We could offer very cheap sleeping locations in bunkers and got a venue which should perfectly fit, here at the ETH.


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