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[Debconf13-ch] Visit to the bunkers in Genève and LocationCheckList

Hi there!

Yesterday morning, Michele and myself visited two different bunkers in
Genève, together with people from Genève Tourisme (Bcc:ed).

However, for various reasons (renovation, working going on, etc.), we
could not visit the two bunkers that were included in the proposition we
discussed at the last meeting: instead of visiting Vollandes and
Champel, we visited Richemont and Pâquis.  This is not really a problem,
because the two bunkers we visited are practically the same and we were
assured that the others as well.


The bunkers do not actually look like bunkers: they are warmed, floors
are covered by tiles and the one in Pâquis also has GSM coverage (no
wired or Wi-Fi networks yet, though).  Still, they are underground and
they have no windows.  Pillows and sleeping sheets (including a cover)
will be provided, so there is no need for sleeping bags.

Michele took some pictures of the interiors and they will be either
attached to the wiki or added to the Git repository at:


I also created the LocationCheckList for Geneva:


Thx, bye,
Gismo / Luca

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