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Re: A mailing list for our bid process: debconf13-ch@lists.debconf.net

Excerpts from Axel Beckert's message of 2011-08-22 23:58:42 +0200:
> Giacomo Catenazzi wrote:
> >>> as recommended by debconf team, see
> >>> http://lists.debconf.org/lurker/message/20110819.221245.92b124d6.en.html
> >>> I requested the debconf13-ch@lists.debconf.net mailing list.
> >>
> >> I think this recommendation was more meant to avoid having these
> >> preparatins only by private mail. As the debian.ch community
> >> mailinglist is publically archived I don't really see an advantage.
> >
> > No, I pointed up that we use the debian.ch resources (as "normal Swiss  
> > Sonderfall"), but they told me that a new list is better, to have  
> > uniform resources, to have archives (they pointed up not to rely "other  
> > site are always up), and simple transition to debconf-local if we win  
> > the bid. In short: it was a strong recommend.
> >
> > But I agree, I did not see a lot of advantages, now.
> >
> > Anyway let's use (in CC:) the new list to make the debconf-team happier ;-)
> *sigh*
> So do I have to subscribe to the new list, too, to kepp up with the
> DebConf13 bid? Or does it suffice to be subscribed to community@l.d.o?
> Getting all the mails twice is definitely _not_ what I'd like to
> have.

IMO at the moment subscribing to the community list should be enough.
We'll decide how to handle this at the next meeting. 

BTW, could someone with admin rights to the debconf13-ch list remove
the requirement to be subscribed to the list to be able to post or
approve all legitimate mails.

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