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Re: A mailing list for our bid process: debconf13-ch@lists.debconf.net

Hello Gaudenz,

On 08/21/2011 12:34 PM, Gaudenz Steinlin wrote:
Hi Cate and debian.ch

Excerpts from Giacomo Catenazzi's message of 2011-08-20 19:01:22 +0200:
Hello debian.ch,

as recommended by debconf team, see
I requested the debconf13-ch@lists.debconf.net mailing list.

I think this recommendation was more meant to avoid having these
preparatins only by private mail. As the debian.ch community
mailinglist is publically archived I don't really see an advantage.

No, I pointed up that we use the debian.ch resources (as "normal Swiss Sonderfall"), but they told me that a new list is better, to have uniform resources, to have archives (they pointed up not to rely "other site are always up), and simple transition to debconf-local if we win the bid. In short: it was a strong recommend.

But I agree, I did not see a lot of advantages, now.

Anyway let's use (in CC:) the new list to make the debconf-team happier ;-)

So please use/include this new list for debconf13 related emails.

To subscribe and to view the archives go to:
(or use the usual -request) methods.

I'm not sure if yet another list is really useful at this stage of the
process. I'd rather keep the discussions on the debian.ch community
list at the moment. My main reason for this is that I'd like to
involve as many people as possible and that at least up until now the
discussion did not disturb the community mailinglist.

I agree, the main discussions should still happen in community@, but I think that having separate archives (thus having the new list in CC) is good (especially if we should also discuss a mini-debconf and an eventually second bid for debconf15).

IMO we should discuss this at our next meeting.


I think we should use the debconf.net wiki for our preparations as
debian.ch does not have a wiki.

Yes. We have some more files that probably we should archive in a common space (like the presentation ad debconf11, the dossier we receives,...), but probably wiki + attachment in mailing list is enough.


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