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Re: Merchandise from debian.ch

Le dimanche 1 mars 2009 22:41:11 Axel Beckert, vous avez écrit :
> Luca Capello schrieb am Sun, Mar 01, 2009 at 10:31:18PM +0100:
> > I was in the process of doing that and another question came to my mind:
> > should we provide smooth "upgrades" adding redirections for the old
> > merchandise.*.html pages?
> Hmmm, if those pages have already seen a number of traffic, that would
> be a god idea. Use "permanent" (i.e. HTTP Code 301) redirects if
> possible.
> > > Also, maybe some of us with French or Italian browser configurations
> > > could try whether http://debian.ch loads in the expected language?
> >
> > I tested for Italian and it works as expected (i.e. in Italian).  I do
> > not have any French browser ATM, but I can ask to someone in the lab
> > tomorrow.
> It's easy to test for everyone independent of the browser:
> Works: GET -H "Accept-Language: de" http://debian.ch/merchandise
> Works: GET -H "Accept-Language: en" http://debian.ch/merchandise
> Works: GET -H "Accept-Language: it" http://debian.ch/merchandise
> Works: GET -H "Accept-Language: fr" http://debian.ch/merchandise


It does not work with konqueror (3.5.10) due to bug #358459. This is what 
konqueror asks :

$ HEAD -H "Accept-Language: fr,en" http://debian.ch | grep Content-Language
Content-Language: en

=> does not work. This is perfectly correct behaviour (see bug report), but not 
what the user expects.



Didier Raboud, proud Debian user.
CH-1802 Corseaux

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