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Re: Unneeded SH4 boards


On Sat, 2015-10-31 at 12:35 +0900, Satoru KURASHIKI wrote:

> Are there any chance to use some NAS devices as cheap development
> board?

The only NAS I know is the IODATA Landisk, which has a SH4 SH7751 and
64 MByte RAM.  Kazumoto Kojima is still using it for running GCC tests,
although on a custom Linux, not debian.

> I have some of pretty old NAS devices running on SH4, which I used to
> run
> debian (etch?) to try building its packages.
> # Tough I've given up blindly dealing with bootloaders and kernel
> updates...
> # because of playing it without any consoles. switch on, and pray to
> boot up.

On my very old Buffalo DiskStation (400 MHz MIPS) it's possible to
attach a UART and get a serial console.  Probably your box also has
something inside?


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