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Unneeded SH4 boards

Hello Debian SH4 list,

please correct me, if I'm wrong, but I believe Debian SH4 port is
practicably unusable for years.

The SH4 core architecture is pretty old, but I have some interest in its
support related to Open Hardware initiatives, but my problem is that I
can not find any SH4 reference boards for sale (digikey has only one
from Renesas, but its price is too high for me, about $800 for a board
and LCD).

If anyone has spare SH4 boards, please contact me, I'll be glad to buy
them at a price affordable for a hobbyist, from my side I'll check the
status of Debian port and fix any outstanding problems (many years back
ago I maintained SLIND including SH-4A port).

With best wishes,

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