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[bts-link] source package openssh Bug#117318: Why pay thousands for a marketing list Bug#227340: MD List Bug#295731: marked as done (ssh fails to bind link-scope IPv6 addresses) Bug#312931: marked as done (openssh-client: dpkg warning on symlink regarding /etc/ssh/ssh_config) Bug#397339: It's a bash problem ? Bug#397339: it's not really a bug Bug#508613: must break into two legs Bug#522745: [security] debian/openssh-server.postinst improved sshd_config Bug#523250: openssh-client: doesn't remove sockets from dead ssh clients Bug#524018: openssh-client: ssh-agent as started by xsession can't use keys Bug#524018: reassign to gnome-keyring Bug#524329: openssh-server: regression - .Xauthority corrupted on systems with shared $HOME in Lenny Bug#524423: openssh-server: force-command unable to pass arguments along to internal-sftp Bug#525335: No way to reenable Nagle Bug#525435: X11 forwarding points $DISPLAY at reusable resource Bug#96709: Still feel down or tired Processed: bug 183659 is forwarded to Processed: found 343896 in 1:4.2p1-5 Processed: found 343896 in 1:5.1p1-3 Processed: Re: Bug#525335: No way to reenable Nagle Processed: reassign to gnome-keyring Processed: submitter Processed: tagging 522745 ssh login problem The last update was on 21:24 GMT Sat Jun 15. There are 38 messages. Page 1 of 1.

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