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Bug#397339: It's a bash problem ?


This problem is not related to the "checkwinsize" from bash ?
You can read follow in the bash FAQ [1], Section E11 :


E11) If I resize my xterm while another program is running, why doesn't bash notice the change?

This is another issue that deals with job control.

The kernel maintains a notion of a current terminal process group. Members of this process group (processes whose process group ID is equal to the current terminal process group ID) receive terminal-generated signals like SIGWINCH. (For more details, see the JOB CONTROL section of the bash man page.)

If a terminal is resized, the kernel sends SIGWINCH to each member of
the terminal's current process group (the `foreground' process group).

When bash is running with job control enabled, each pipeline (which may be a single command) is run in its own process group, different from bash's process group. This foreground process group receives the SIGWINCH; bash does not. Bash has no way of knowing that the terminal has been resized.

There is a `checkwinsize' option, settable with the `shopt' builtin, that will cause bash to check the window size and adjust its idea of the terminal's dimensions each time a process stops or exits and returns control of the terminal to bash. Enable it with `shopt -s checkwinsize'.


I think you can closed this bug open against openssh-client package.


[1] http://tiswww.case.edu/php/chet/bash/FAQ

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