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Bug#524018: openssh-client: ssh-agent as started by xsession can't use keys

On Wed, Apr 15, 2009 at 11:18:20AM +0100, Jon Dowland wrote:
> I've just removed seahorse, logged out, restarted gdm, logged back in again
> and the problem remains, so it probably isn't actually seahorse, but it most
> likely isn't ssh agent either.

I've just tried the inverse, installing seahorse and seahorse-plugins (since
the latter mumbles something about ssh in it's description). Rinse, repeat, and
the problem remains.

Some part of the xsession startup echoes various environment variables on stderr and they end up in ~/.xsession-errors:

	/etc/gdm/Xsession: Beginning session setup...
	** Message: Another GPG agent already running

	1239790696.443348 Session manager: disconnected...
	Window manager warning: Failed to read saved session file /home/jon/.config/meta
	city/sessions/default0.ms: Failed to open file '/home/jon/.config/metacity/sessi
	ons/default0.ms': No such file or directory

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