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Re: dev sprint sponsoring GFU Cyrus AG

Christian Schneiker schrieb am Monday, den 29. August 2011:

> Hey Folks,
> we, the GFU Cyrus AG, are one of the biggest training centers for
> IT in Germany, offering also a lot of Linux and Debian Trainings.
> Every year, we try to sponsor one open source project and I'm proud
> that we have chosen my favorite distro Debian this year.
Great - thanks for your offer.
> We want to offer you the possibility that we could organize a developer
> sprint in Cologne, Germany and we would also cover the hotel fees
> for up to 8 participants. The date should be around march/april 2012
> and it has to be a weekend.
> The sprint would be at our training center with space for at least 30 
> people, including desktop workstations and 8MBit internet connection. 
> The rooms are available during the whole weekend and 24h.
> If you are interested, please contact me for further information.
We are interested in doing a DSA (Debian System Administrators)/Listmasters
and maybe Alioth Admin sprint. That sprint thingy is pretty new to me, what
would be the next steps for us?

Alex - Debian Listmaster

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