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dev sprint sponsoring GFU Cyrus AG

Hey Folks,

we, the GFU Cyrus AG, are one of the biggest training centers for
IT in Germany, offering also a lot of Linux and Debian Trainings.
Every year, we try to sponsor one open source project and I'm proud
that we have chosen my favorite distro Debian this year.

We want to offer you the possibility that we could organize a developer
sprint in Cologne, Germany and we would also cover the hotel fees
for up to 8 participants. The date should be around march/april 2012
and it has to be a weekend.

The sprint would be at our training center with space for at least 30 
people, including desktop workstations and 8MBit internet connection. 
The rooms are available during the whole weekend and 24h.

If you are interested, please contact me for further information.

The sponsor name is GFU Cyrus AG, 


Greetings from Bonn
Dipl. Inform. Christian Schneiker

GFU Cyrus AG
Am Grauen Stein 27
51105 Köln
Tel: 0221/82809-0
Fax: 0221/82809-50

Vorstand: Hagen Cyrus, Karsten Kiesel
Vorsitzender des Aufsichtsrats: Dirk Weil
Amtsgericht Köln HRB 60463

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