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Re: debbugs (newbies) sprint

[ please Cc:-me if you followup only on -debbugs ]

On Sun, Jul 31, 2011 at 06:29:36AM +0000, Blars Blarson wrote:
> After the reasonably successful debbugs skill excange, Zack mentioned
> this to me.  I'm interested/willing to help, but as I said my knollage
> is only in a small part of the BTS.  (I havn't been following this
> mailing list recently, I should re-subscribe.)

Let me take this change to thank all the people who have participated,
as either newbies or mentors, in the debbugs skill exchange at
DebConf11. While I couldn't make it, it's been great to see (on list) so
many interest about hacking the BTS: it's something we could really
benefit from.

> gobby.debian.net is currently offline being shipped back to paris.  If
> someone has a copy of the gobby document from the skills exchange I'd
> like it, I was planning on beefing it out a bit and making a small
> intro to the bts document.  (I don't think there is one other than the
> code.)

In the meantime gobby.d.n has been resurrected and Philipp has made
available a dump of all DebConf11 documents; see [1]. In case you
haven't still retrieved it, you can find it at [2].

In case it's still needed, I hereby re-confirm that we do have the
resources as present to fund a debbugs sprint, and I'll be thrilled to
see that happening. I'd like to know whether you've received
acknowledgements from people interested and if you do have some
tentative dates / locations. We can consider flying someone across the
ocean to make this happen, although hardly more than a person (but feel
free to ask if you think it'd be useful!).

Finally, we are now also trying to enlarge sprint organization and you
can now post all questions and/or request for help to

Let me know.

[1] http://debblog.philkern.de/2011/08/debconf11-gobby-documents.html
[2] http://people.debian.org/~pkern/debconf11-gobby-docs.tar.gz
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