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Glint 1.2.9 deb package debian 10 sparc64

This weekend I sat down and wrestled with the missing Glint driver for the PGX32 PCI Card. It turned out to be pretty straightforward and I suspect it was dropped because of lack of interest. I probably took way more steps then needed but I’ve never done this before on debian.

Steps I took to build (rebuild) the deb file.

Step 1)
Git clone the 1.2.9 source and rename it to the format found the original tar.gz from Debian Archive

mv xf86-video-glint xf86-video-glint-1.2.9

Step 2) Clean up the repo and get it ready for tar ball

cd xf86-video-glint-1.2.9
Strip out the git info.
rm -r -f .git
rm .gitignore 

This gives you the base
mgt@xray:~/glint/glint_1.2.9/xf86-video-glint-1.2.9$ ls
aclocal.m4      compile       config.h.in    config.sub    COPYING     libtool    Makefile.am  missing     src
autogen.sh      config.guess  config.log     configure     depcomp     ltmain.sh  Makefile.in  README.md   stamp-h1
autom4te.cache  config.h      config.status  configure.ac  install-sh  Makefile   man          README.pm3

I think I ran make distclean also after this. Then back out make the tarball
cd ..
tar -czf xserver-xorg-video-glint_1.2.9.orig.tar.gz xf86-video-glint-1.2.9/

Step 3) Download the Original DEB pieces dsc and diff.gz from Wheezy. 

Step 4) Edit the 1.2.7 diff file

zcat xserver-xorg-video-glint_1.2.7-1.diff.gz > xserver-xorg-video-glint_1.2.9-1.diff
EDIT the diff (You need replace the 1.2.7 references with 1.2.9 I used vi find and replace but whatever you enjoy do that.
gzip xserver-xorg-video-glint_1.2.9-1.diff

Step 5) Get the hash and file size info and edit the DSC with that

md5sum xserver-xorg-video-glint_1.2.9.orig.tar.gz 
25e4823760027ff3585eb7af72446f5f  xserver-xorg-video-glint_1.2.9.orig.tar.gz
sha1sum xserver-xorg-video-glint_1.2.9.orig.tar.gz 
7eec959557532c2895affe8d695aae2326c38dc6  xserver-xorg-video-glint_1.2.9.orig.tar.gz
sha256sum xserver-xorg-video-glint_1.2.9.orig.tar.gz 
6f07a7677656bb65a874bd73307ae64139089d7a9068b5a404c1b5021f76a42f  xserver-xorg-video-glint_1.2.9.orig.tar.gz
sha1sum xserver-xorg-video-glint_1.2.9-1.diff.gz
e4874e24cb4a4e4b051ac3b62af5d0fd98aee1a5  xserver-xorg-video-glint_1.2.9-1.diff.gz
sha256sum xserver-xorg-video-glint_1.2.9-1.diff.gz
1f32388e0b04505910b21e27de935ff95b0360a0659f471d214d317d764d8ae3  xserver-xorg-video-glint_1.2.9-1.diff.gz
md5sum xserver-xorg-video-glint_1.2.9-1.diff.gz
bc686df96e566e85b9a2f8a9b5792d95  xserver-xorg-video-glint_1.2.9-1.diff.gz

mgt@xray:~/glint/glint_1.2.9$ ls -al xserver-xorg-video-glint_1.2.9-1.diff.gz
-rw-r--r-- 1 mgt mgt 6636 Sep 20 11:42 xserver-xorg-video-glint_1.2.9-1.diff.gz

Step 6) Follow debian rebuild steps. 

dpkg-source -x xserver-xorg-video-glint_1.2.9-1.dsc
cd xserver-xorg-video-glint-1.2.9/
dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc

Assuming you had all the debs or installed them it should be build clean and hand you deb package which you can install.

dpkg -i ./xserver-xorg-video-glint_1.2.9-1_sparc64.deb

Edit you Xorg settings to use the glint driver like

mgt@xray:~$ cat /etc/X11/xorg.conf.d/device.conf 
Section "Device"
        Identifier  "Card0"
        Driver      "glint"
        VendorName  "Permedia 2"
        BoardName   "PGX32"
        BusID       "PCI:2:1:0"

(Obviously your BusID might be different) and you should be able to use the glint driver.

I’ve played around with it for a few hour long sessions in the last few days and have not hit anything too strange. I can’t seem to get 1200x1024 @60 working clean but I suspect it’s my Xorg.conf Monitor lines.

Hope this helps anyone who needs the glint driver so Debian 10.


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