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Re: Need for additional sparc64 hardware?

I have a SunFire T2000 with 32 virtual CPUs and 64 GB RAM and am in the process of setting this up as 4 LDOMs (8 cpus/16 GB ram each). Sadly I can only offer outgoing network connections to this box.

Is this of any use for debian or anybody?

kind regards

On 6/23/20 10:07 PM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
(Re-sending to the proper mailing list for discussion)

Hi Zach!

On 6/23/20 9:22 PM, Zach van Rijn wrote:
I have available a spare T3-2 server which could accommodate building/testing of packages.

Might this be of interest? It's not being utilized heavily so I'd be more than happy to share access.

Yes, that would be useful. We could set this machine set up as another buildd for
Debian and then I can free two other slower machines as buildds for openSUSE as
I'm planning to provide a sparc64 port for openSUSE.


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