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Re: Glint 1.2.9 deb package debian 10 sparc64

> This weekend I sat down and wrestled with the missing Glint driver for
> the PGX32 PCI Card. It turned out to be pretty straightforward and I
> suspect it was dropped because of lack of interest. I probably took way
> more steps then needed but I’ve never done this before on debian.

Sounds great!

The Debian packaging repo is here:

This may be an easier starting point, as you can use git-buildpackage to
import the sources directly into a local clone. Then, just create a new
changelog entry with dch, commit, and start building.

But it's not that straightforward if you're not familiar with the tools.

> I’ve played around with it for a few hour long sessions in the last few
> days and have not hit anything too strange. I can’t seem to get
> 1200x1024 @60 working clean but I suspect it’s my Xorg.conf Monitor lines.
> Hope this helps anyone who needs the glint driver so Debian 10.

Good work.

I think we should really get these old drivers back into Debian Ports in
some way.

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