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Re: Latest netinst iso

> In addition to the information Adrian asked for, it could be interesting to
> know, to which IDE channel your CDROM drive is attached and how it is
> configured (Master, Slave, Cable select).
> The CDROM drive in my Ultra 10 is attached to IDE channel #2 (the IDE port
> farer away from the CPU) and configured as Master device.

FWIW, I tested two different drives in my machine (an LG DVD burner and a
Panasonic slot-in DVD-ROM drive). Both worked fine in the installer, so I
would assume that the IDE controller and Linux are able to cope with any kind
of ATAPI CD/DVD drive?

I do think the drive should be set as Master or Cable Select with a suitable
cable. AFAIK the IDE cables that came with my Ultra 10 were Cable Select ones.

I did have several problems with the floppy drive, but once I disconnected it,
the installer worked fine. Still don't have a clue what the problem is, but I
don't need the floppy drive anyway.

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