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Re: Latest netinst iso

> You probably didn't specify the correct FTP server which is:
> Server: http://ftp.ports.debian.org
> Folder: /debian-ports/

Yeah, I tried several regular mirrors first until I discovered that they don't
carry debports architectures...

> This bug will be fixed once debian-installer has gained full support for backports.

backports or debports?

>> It should also be noted that the desktop tasks are currently uninstallable
>> because certain packages are missing from sparc64, but that is a minor issue.
> Which packages are those. Again, please report issues as you find them.

I don't remember exactly, but I think I couldn't install any desktop tasks
because some crucial packages were missing from the dependencies of desktop-base.

Also, there is currently no chromium and no firefox for debian-sparc64.

I tried to build foxi myself, but it's a pain with the limited memory the
Ultra 10 has (and I upgraded mine to the maximum).
rustc/cargo eats around 3GB of RAM!
With special build flags (i.e. RUSTFLAGS="-Cdebuginfo=0"), compilation is
possible, but takes a long time and ultimately stops due to poor big endian
support in the source code and other bugs.
They'e known, but without a proper fix.

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