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Re: Latest netinst iso

On 08/06/2018 05:01 PM, Fred wrote:
On 08/06/2018 02:18 AM, Frank Scheiner wrote:
Dear Gregor,

I am the original poster for this thread.

Yes I know, but up to the point, where I asked Gregor to provide more details about the problems he experienced, you didn't report a problem at all. Or am I missing something?

I tried installing the NETINST.iso and also had a problem.  The U10 has an HP DVD drive in it. The install CD seemed to load ok and the installer started.  When it got to the detecting hardware function it decided that no cdrom drive was installed and would not proceed. I am going to install the original Sun cdrom drive and try again when I have time.

In addition to the information Adrian asked for, it could be interesting to know, to which IDE channel your CDROM drive is attached and how it is configured (Master, Slave, Cable select).

The CDROM drive in my Ultra 10 is attached to IDE channel #2 (the IDE port farer away from the CPU) and configured as Master device.

And I just now tested with the ISO in question (from 20180516-18:22) and didn't recognize an issue. Sure, hardware detection takes long on the Ultra 10, but it eventually succeeds and the CDROM drive is correctly detected.


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