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Re: Latest netinst iso

On 08/06/2018 05:58 PM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
On 08/07/2018 02:56 AM, Fred wrote:
I don't see how using a serial console helps in transferring the files you asked for.  I have a dumb terminal that could use the serial port but the other
computers on the network are far away and I would have to change both ends of the long cable to use it and change them back when done.  So, lets forget this.
Those aren't files. Those are commands you type. Both "dmesg" and "lspci"
will provide an output that you can copy and paste from a terminal. That
should be very easy to achieve. Many terminals also allow to store the
output from the console directly to a file.

It's generally a good idea to get familiar with the serial console when
working with a SPARC machine. Lots of stuff can be controlled on many
of these machines using the serial console.

Out of frustration I changed the cdrom drive and the installation proceeded with only one problem.  The network has to be configured manually but either the
installer didn't provide this option or I missed it.  So as soon as I get the network going I will put the HP DVD drive back in, reboot and send you the files
you want. Should I paste the text into this thread, send them as attachments to the list or send them off-list to you?
Again, those aren't files. They are commands you run.


Hi Adrian,
I know they are commands. A Wyse 50 dumb terminal does not have copy/paste. The only way I can use the console to connect to a computer with internet access is to change both ends of a long cable. As I said earlier we need to forget all this. I changed the DVD drive for an older cdrom drive and was able to complete the installation except for configuring the network. When I get the network up I will still not have copy/paste or email. I can change back to the HP DVD drive, redirect the command output to a file, ftp those to a computer that has email and send them to you. Do you want them pasted into this thread, sent as attachments or emailed to you directly.
Best regards,

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