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Re: The end of my Ultrasparc 5?!?

Hi Adrian,

> > Interesting behaviour :-). So the problem is somewhere in btrfs_scan_devices() [1], [2].
> > Are you avare about any bug report of this behavior? I haven't found it in btrfs-progs
> > issues list [3] nor in kernel bugzilla BTRFS issues.

> No, I never bothered reporting it, I just blacklisted the floppy kernel module.

> My assumption is that it was never reported because the floppy module for PC
> floppy controllers behaves differently and hence btrfs doesn't scan those and
> since Amigas and UltraSPARC machines are less common these days, no one run into
> this situation before.

Thanks for info. Make sense.
I might try to have a look if I manage to reproduce it with qemu.

Kind regards,

> Adrian

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