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Re: The end of my Ultrasparc 5?!?

On 01/26/2018 02:52 AM, Petr Vorel wrote:
>> As for btrfs: The filesystem detection code is just plain stupid.
> Interesting behaviour :-). So the problem is somewhere in btrfs_scan_devices() [1], [2].
> Are you avare about any bug report of this behavior? I haven't found it in btrfs-progs
> issues list [3] nor in kernel bugzilla BTRFS issues.

No, I never bothered reporting it, I just blacklisted the floppy kernel module.

My assumption is that it was never reported because the floppy module for PC
floppy controllers behaves differently and hence btrfs doesn't scan those and
since Amigas and UltraSPARC machines are less common these days, no one run into
this situation before.


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