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Re: serial connection on debian on sun ultra10

On 12 Jul 2017, at 06:39, Frans van Berckel <fberckel@xs4all.nl> wrote:
> On Tue, 2017-07-11 at 21:13 +0200, sacarde wrote:
>> I did experiment: 
>> I replaced kernel+initrd (4.5.0) in deb-9-iso 
>> with kernel+initrd (3.2.0) from deb-7.11-iso
> Are you able to release this iso for downloading, os i can test it?
>> and running this iso I not have kernel-panic, and installation deb-9
>> starts OK
>> may be a ram problem?
>> can I install an old kernel during installation?
> Good to know there a sparc 3.18.x kernel package, if i am well. Thats
> what is needed at least for systemd running well.
> You always can cp the kernel and drivers from iso to disk, for testing
> purpose, if you want to. Check if firmware parts are needed. Adrian
> told me he doesn't wanne build the 3.x kernel package for sparc64.

I understand that your priority is most likely to get something working *now*,
but staying on an old kernel is not a long-term solution. Please, do listen to
us when we ask for *detailed, accurate* information about the kernel panic you
are getting, otherwise the kernel will likely remain broken for you. Otherwise,
you're welcome to download old kernels and play around with them, but please
take the discussion elsewhere; we're not supporting such things here.


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