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Re: elfutils and libgc FTBFS

    The git with the Debian packaging sources can be found here:
    > https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/collab-maint/libgc.git

    The patches should be in debian/patches, if any.

Oook, so I looked in the branch debian/1%7.4.2-7.

The build fails because someone moved some architecture-specific files
to a src/ directory, and didn't update the build scripts accordingly:

Why these files were moved to that subdirectory is a mistery to me:
upstream (git) libgc has them in the top-level source directory.

Anyway, copying libgc/src/sparc_mach_dep.S to libgc/ fixes the sparc
build in sparc*-*-linux-gnu.

I would suggest to move these 4 files back to the top-level source
directory.  That may also be needed by the A64 build :)


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