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Re: elfutils and libgc FTBFS

    Any idea on libgc? libgc is required by Helmut Grohne who does
    continuous integration for all architectures on Jenkins. He
    would be happy to get a fix for libgc.

I looked at the upstream gc-7.1alpha3 release and found that it did not
support sparc*-*-linux-gnu configurations at all: the configure.ac
script was using the sparc_mach_dep.S file only in Solaris.

Then I built git libgc [1] without problems, in both external and
"internal" libatomic_ops configurations.  This version supports
sparc-*-linux-gnu targets.

So I guess the Debian patches to gc-7.1 are buggy.  Where can I find
these patches so I can take a look?

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