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Re: Debian/SPARC[64]

On 12/01/15 15:12, Karel Gardas wrote:

> Hi Mark,
> it's great that you mention this. Indeed, for Solaris 11 I'm using
> T2000, for sparc/sparc64-linux (Debian 7.x) I've decided to give a try
> to Qemu 2.2 SPARC64 emulation. First time I've not been lucky with
> network (ne2k-pci not working) but later after some googling I've found
> that virtio is working.

Hmmm I've previously run through the entire Debian installer using the
in-built QEMU userspace network stack and have successfully managed to
detect an rtl8029 network card and get a valid DHCP lease? What appears
to be the problem?

> Now, when I've run some GHC/cabal tasks I indeed observed some lockups
> but I've thought his is Qemu issue and not kernel issue that time.
> Anyway, it looks like Linux is really not well supported on SPARC
> anymore. Where are those times when Jakub Jelinek done his first
> UltraLinux in 90s.... Anyway, if I observe anything suspicious I'll let
> you know.

Please do. Given that you seem to be able to reproduce this, the most
interesting part would be to try an older kernel (2.6.32 as mentioned
elsewhere in this thread) and/or try building a kernel without
performance counters in order to determine whether this really is the
cause of the lockup even under emulation.



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