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Re: Debian/SPARC[64]

Hello Karel and Joachim,

2014-01-09, Karel Gardas:
> I'm curious what's the status of Debian or 
> general Linux on SPARC or SPARC64. I've read that Debian removed SPARC 
> port from testing/unstable in 2014 so I'm curious if I shall deal with 
> compatiblity issues between Solaris/Linux or not at all

2015-01-09, Joachim Breitner:
> I’ve CCed the right list for this, they might know more.

I'm just another Debian user,
but AFAIK, the "sparc" architecture has been removed
from jessie/testing only:

While currently it can be in a quite problematic state:
"sparc" still remains in unstable
and "sparc64" is still in debian-ports, e. g.:

(BTW, we can also ask Gentoo about the current state of its SPARC support).

> and assume that future GHC SPARC target is really just Solaris OS.

Just for the note:
sadly, it looks like they have removed
UltraSPARC II, III, IV legacy CPU series support
from Solaris 11 (hopefully, they'll continue to support them in Solaris 10):

> FYI: the issue is that Solaris switched to Sun's asm which does have 
> different syntax than GNU asm. So to preserve compatibility with GNU or 
> not to preserve that is the question. :-)

Are the differences so hard?
Maybe the GNU assembler already has the support for Sun syntax?
Then it looks more like a GNU Binutils issue:

Best wishes,

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