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Re: Debian/SPARC[64]

2014-01-12, Karel Gardas:
> Anyway, it looks like Linux is really not well supported on SPARC 
> anymore. Where are those times when Jakub Jelinek done his first 
> UltraLinux in 90s....

I would prefer to say it's _still_ not supported well;
let's hope for more active development:

// Really need to take the good old Ultra 10 from a closet ASAP :)

> > Are the differences so hard?
> > Maybe the GNU assembler already has the support for Sun syntax?
> > Then it looks more like a GNU Binutils issue:
> > http://www.gnu.org/software/binutils/
> Differences are not so big but before putting this compatibility in 
> someone always need to ask if this is not done for completely dead 
> horse. Looks like it's not. :-)

Just wondering (haven't tested though) if the GNU assembler
can readily support the Sun syntax as good as the Intel foreign one ;)

Best wishes,

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