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Re: Sparc 6.0.3: multiple Nautilus file manager process after few minutes from fresh install

On Sat, Dec 17, 2011 at 04:53:51PM +0000, Mark Morgan Lloyd wrote:
> >Obviously, assuming that those are the only 4 RC bugs affecting
> >sparc would be very naive. But if people do not bother reporting
> >them, we'll never take any action, and release will proceed, again
> >leading to complaints along the lines of "I can't believe this
> >buggy stuff was deemed a stable release". And if the port does not
> >have enough users reporting bugs even against the most common
> >desktop environment to the point that it turns out to be
> >hopelessly broken, maybe it's time to consider retiring it.
> My apologies if I sounded unduly negative, but as you say, it's frustrating.
> I wonder if I could make a couple of suggestions:
> i)   If somebody experienced with the platform and Debian procedures
> sees discussion of a reproducible problem, with or without a fix, he
> should suggest that the originator raise a bug and should specify
> the URL etc. to do so. Where the OP isn't able to do that but
> multiple people agree there's a problem, he should consider raising
> it on their behalf.

This is a perfectly reasonable suggestion, in fact that's how it is 
intended for the system to work. See some recommendations on bug 
reporting I've just posted in another message in this thread.
> ii)  My involvement with a different project has identified a number
> of issues caused by operand alignment errors which manifest
> themselves on both SPARC, (at least some) ARM, and possibly in some
> cases on x64; one of the reasons I run multiple platforms here is to
> allow me to distinguish between endianness and alignment errors. It
> could turn out to be useful if developers for the platforms had some
> way of coordinating effort.

Traditionally, responsibility for figuring out the arch-specific 
problems lies with the package maintainer, who will contact porters
as necessary. On top of that, I'm regularly monitoring the 
release-critical bug list and will try to at least debug any 
sparc-specific issues which end up there.

Best regards,
Jurij Smakov                                           jurij@wooyd.org
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