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Re: Sparc 6.0.3: multiple Nautilus file manager process after few minutes from fresh install

Jurij Smakov wrote:
On Fri, Dec 16, 2011 at 04:18:50PM +0100, Alexander Feld wrote:
I would like to ask some assistance about my new install sparc64 debian 6.0.3 in a sun blade 150 Hardware.i having this problem in a nautilus file manager in the below panel, it keeps open and closing (multiple file manager process starting and dying) this in result of 100 percent cpu load, this problem will start in a few minutes after using the fresh new install system.
I also got this bug. This is the reason, why I am still using Lenny on my SPARC-systems. The SPARC-version of Squeeze is really buggy and nearly unusable. Other applications have similar problems. For example, Iceweasel segfaults very often and KDE doesn't load the panel. I still hope, that the next Debian release on SPARC will be better. I can't believe, that such a buggy SPARC release as Squeeze was released as "stable".. :(

Bugs only have a chance of getting fixed if they are reported.

This is the second time i fresh install i thought this will disappear if i fresh install again. I install on a DVD disc.
I did the ff but doesn't solve the problem:
1. remove & reinstall the nautilus package including the gnome dependecies like gnome-core* gnome-desktop* etc
2. remove & reinstall the full gnome* package.
3. fresh install twice.
4. reboot multiple times for every steps taken above.
I'm sorry, this won't help, the package is buggy. Use Lenny instead and hope, that Wheezy will be better.

Hoping will not make it better. Good bug reports (with patches, if possible) might.

Certainly. For sure. No problem. And how long did it take Debian to sort out the known issue that screwed local X on a U1 etc? My understanding is that it /had/ been bug reported, and was generally believed to have been fixed in either the kernel or X, but it quite simply didn't get onto the Lenny CD or into the repositories resulting in a number of people who asked in this ML how to get their machines running and were basically told that they couldn't.

Quite frankly, I gave up trying to work out detailed fixes for things- which is much more difficult for an outsider than it is for core developers- after I described my hack to get SMP working reliably on an SS1000E and came very close to being flamed by DM who didn't like one of my assumptions.

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