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RE: Problems with interfaces on Sun Ultra 5

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> From: Vladimir R [mailto:vlary@mail.ru]
> Sent: Tuesday, February 02, 2010 2:25 PM
> To: debian-sparc@lists.debian.org
> Subject: Re: Problems with interfaces on Sun Ultra 5
> On Tue, 02 Feb 2010 20:41:50 +0300 Eric Brower wrote:
> >I'm not sure there's enough information on your configuration
> >to provide good recommendations, but take a look into the
> local_>mac_address? Open-Boot PROM setting and see if that helps.
> >When set "true" it allows each interface to have a
> >different MAC address,
> >rather than the "system" MAC address.
>  I  set in OBP variable local_>mac_address? to "true".
> It does not helped. Both interfaces after reboot was ser
> to  same MAC. And second interface reaains eth1_rename

What kind of NIC are you using as eth1? If this is a Sun HME I believe
they always clone the base system MAC as tested on an Ultra 10 with two
SunSwift cards (FastEthernet/UltraSCSI combo). I ran into similar issues
on a Sun E440R with the onboard NIC and a 4-port QFE card. The names
just became ridiculous like "eth1_rename_rename_ren". Oddly enough I
recall that dmesg showed them all being named in a sane manner at first,
and later on the names were changed. I have two Ultra5s at home with the
onboard HME and 3Com 3c905s that do not have this problem.

For some reason udev has a lot of problems when multiple NICs have the
same MAC. I believe I was able to fix this with some fancy rules. Where
you can start is by looking at 'lspci' to determine what the bus IDs are
of the NICs and writing udev rules based on those instead.

Good luck!

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