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Re: Problems with interfaces on Sun Ultra 5

On Tue, 02 Feb 2010 20:41:50 +0300 Eric Brower wrote:
>I'm not sure there's enough information on your configuration 
>to provide good recommendations, but take a look into the 
local_>mac_address? Open-Boot PROM setting and see if that helps.  
>When set "true" it allows each interface to have a 
>different MAC address, 
>rather than the "system" MAC address.
 I  set in OBP variable local_>mac_address? to "true".
It does not helped. Both interfaces after reboot was ser
to  same MAC. And second interface reaains eth1_rename

To antonio manuel ciampi:
Sorry, I understand  English and Russian only

To Mark Morgan Lloyd:
I have on my Ultra 5  two embedded hme interfaces,
if problem persists, may be it will be possible workaround,
but I would like "clean" solution.

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