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Re: Lenny boot hangs on Sun Ultra 5

On Mon, 01 Feb 2010 15:22:58 +0300 Gavin Duley wrote:
>I've had some trouble getting Xorg to work on my Ultra 5 under Debian in the past,
>but I have managed to get it to work.
>I've found what version of the kernel you have matters. I am running 2.6.22-3-sparc64.
>I've found newer versions (such as 2.6.26) will not work with Xorg.
>I'm not certain if it makes much difference, but I'm also running a slightly older 
>version of Xorg - 1:7.3+19, I think (I'm running testing but haven't been using 
>this machine much lately, hence it's quite behind on updates).
>If it's of any help, I've put my xorg.conf file on the web at:
>Hope this helps.
Thank You very much, I will take your experience into my mind.
I dont think I'm going to downgrade kernel for the sake of desktop,
because I will use system mostly as server.
But when this problem will be fixed in new kernel,
I will try to launch desktop session again, and your config
will be good help for me.


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