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Re: Lenny boot hangs on Sun Ultra 5

Vladimir R wrote:
After this I could successfully boot Lenny without desktop and begin to work with it.

I've had some trouble getting Xorg to work on my Ultra 5 under Debian in the past, but I have managed to get it to work.

I've found what version of the kernel you have matters. I am running 2.6.22-3-sparc64. I've found newer versions (such as 2.6.26) will not work with Xorg.

I'm not certain if it makes much difference, but I'm also running a slightly older version of Xorg - 1:7.3+19, I think (I'm running testing but haven't been using this machine much lately, hence it's quite behind on updates).

If it's of any help, I've put my xorg.conf file on the web at:

Hope this helps.


Gavin Duley
WWW: http://gpd.sdf-eu.org/

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