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Re: Lenny boot hangs on Sun Ultra 5

On Sat, 30 Jan 2010 20:16:07 +0300 Jurij Smakov  wrote:
>Try entering
>Linux init=/bin/sh
>at the SILO prompt, that should drop you into a root shell after the 
>initialization done by initrd is done. You can also do it from the installer CD, 
>just perform all steps until partitioning (to ensure that the disks are detected), 
>then choose 'Back' option until you get to the main installer menu, 
>and choose 'Start shell' option from there.

>Failure to boot was caused by machine type misdetection, caused by the 
>changes in uname -m output on sparc. It should be fixed in kernels
> and newer, for now the workaround is to chroot into the newly 
>installed system at the end of the installation and run 'silo -u -f' 
>to force the machine type to ultrasparc.

Thank You, Jurij, entering Linux init=/bin/sh on boot prompt done the thing.
I got single user mode and renamed /etc/rc2.d/S30gdm to /etc/rc2.d/s30gdm
But trying 'silo -u -f' somehow damaged loader, and after reboot 
I got error in OBP boot prompt.
I boot from installation CD in rescue mode and fixed SILO.
After this I could successfully boot Lenny without desktop and begin to work with it. 

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