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Re: Bug#485961: installation-reports: Installer can't locate CD-ROM drive (sparc)

On Tuesday 17 June 2008, Dennis Boone wrote:
> Yesterday I successfully booted from my modified netinst CD, manually
> loaded the sun_esp and esp_scsi modules, and the installer could then
> detect the CD-ROM drive.  I could see that drive and the SCSI hard disk
> in /proc/scsi/scsi.


> As a possibly separate issue, I'm now having trouble getting the
> installer to recognize the hard disk.  There are several things I need
> to try, including moving that drive to SCSI ID 0.

Check if it is visible in output of 'dmesg'. You should see the drive and 
partitions listed. If it is, you should also see it in /sys/block and the 
corresponding block device files in /dev/.

If you have all that, try following commands from an installer debug 
shell: 'list-devices disk', 'list-devices partition'. If that lists the 
disk and partitions, partman should recognize it too.

> Do you know when the 2.6.25 switch will occur?

Soon, for somewhat flexible values of "soon".
Try a few days after you get the mail that this report is closed.

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