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Re: Bug#485961: installation-reports: Installer can't locate CD-ROM drive (sparc)

reassign 485961 linux-kernel-di-sparc-2.6 1.24
tags 485961 pending

On Sunday 15 June 2008, Dennis Boone wrote:
>  > Hmm. There is also a sun_esp module, which depends on esp_scsi. I
>  > wonder if that's the missing link here.
>  >
> I'll try this and see what happens.  The catch would appear to be that
> installer components live on the (as yet undetected) CD, so can't be
> loaded to fetch the module.
> I've built a modified netinst CD with the module added, which I will
> try tomorrow when I'm in the same room with the e3500.  Maybe I even
> built it correctly. :)

After looking at this again I'm fairly certain that this is the real 
problem, so I've gone ahead and made the necessary changes. These changes 
I made should become effective in daily built installer images as soon as 
we switch over to the 2.6.25 kernel.

A confirmation that loading sun_esp does indeed work for you would still 
be very much appreciated of course.

Thanks for reporting the issue and for providing the info that helped me 
to spot the error.


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